MOIIN Flex Clear

For the 3D printing of highly flexible transparent objects with excellent strain recovery properties

Flexible recovery champion.
MOIIN Flex Clear is extremely elastic, offers high elongation at break and exceptionally good strain recovery – even at high temperatures! A further benefit is its excellent chemical resistance. MOIIN Flex Clear is therefore ideal for seals and shock absorption, ergonomic padding, e.g. in the sportswear sector, and for a wide range of further applications where traditional stretchable materials such as rubber or silicone come into use. The high UV resistance and low water absorption of the material also make it particularly resistant to weathering. MOIIN Flex Clear is therefore also excellently suited for a wide range of outdoor applications and process engineering systems.


  • Design


  • Objects that require a soft and smooth surface
  • Objects with a tactile purpose
  • Seals, insulation
  • Ergonomic parts, such as padding or handles
  • Process engineering systems
  • Weatherproof outdoor applications
  • Prototyping
  • Robotics e.g. soft parts of robot arms
  • Medical technology e.g. simulation of soft tissue
  • Simulation of injection moulded parts
  • Conception and marketing models
  • Seal
  • Product design
  • Engineering technology
  • Wind tunnel use and flow analyses
  • Flexible pieces of an otherwise rigid object e.g. in combination MOIIN Model Grey or Clear
  • Simulation of traditional stretchable materials such as rubber or silicone

Material properties

Material PropertiesValue
Viscosity4.3 Pas
Tensile strength at break0.67 MPa
Elongation at Failure123 %
E-modulus0.62 MPa
Shore A Hardness31.5
compression set0.15 %
solvent compatibility (1 cm³ cube, 24 h storage, weight increase):
Water0.53 %
Cyclohexane0.08 %
Base (1 mol/L NaOH)0.51 %
Salt water (4% NaOH)0.53 %
Isopropyl alcohol5.70 %
UV light resistance (24 h exposure in water):
Tenile Modulus (E-modulus)0.72 MPa
Elongation at Failure170.80 %
Tensile strength at break1.41 MPa
UV light resistance (1 week 60 °C):
Tenile Modulus (E-modulus) 0.62 MPa
Elongation at Failure169.83 %
Tensile strength at break1.26 MPa

Please visit technical data page for an up-to-date table with further product data and printer compatibilities for all MOIIN Resins.

Material with additional value

Extremely pliable and flexibleSoftHigh elongation at breakExcellent recovery even at temperatures up to 130°CDimensionally stableGood chemical resistance to bases, salts and fuelsLow water absorptionUV-resistantImpact-resistantExcellent detail reproductionSmooth, rubber-like feelEasy to printOdourless

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