High Temp

Heat-resistant resin for the production of functional objects, moulds and prototypes with a high thermal or mechanical stress in 3D printing.

Thermally resilient all-rounder. MOIIN High Temp has been specifically developed for applications in higher temperature ranges. The objects, moulds or prototypes are easily printed, three-dimensionally precise and extremely thermally resilient. Due to these properties, the material is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Whether it’s microfluidic parts for hot gas and liquid flows, prototypes for kitchen appliances, engine compartment components, or precise, highly-detailed objects where fits and tolerances are decisive: MOIIN High Temp is your powerful all-rounder. The highly stable MOIIN High Temp withstands loads under extreme conditions. High temperature printing up to 60°C is possible, and – with the right process know-how – use in rapid tooling is also feasible.




  • Tool making
  • Engineering technology

Material properties

Material PropertiesValue
Viscosity0,7 Pas
Tensile Strength at Break33,1 MPa
Flexural Stress at Break87 MPa
Flexural Modulus2,8 GPa
Shore Hardness (Scale D)87
Heat Deflection Temperature HDT A (1,8 Mpa)124 °C
Heat Deflection Temperature B (0,45 Mpa)230 °C

Please visit technical data page for an up-to-date table with further product data and printer compatibilities for all MOIIN Resins.

Material with additional value

Excellent thermal stability High temperature printing up to 60°C possible Very good chemical resistance Optimally balanced viscosity High mechanical resilience Excellent strength Minimised shrinkage Easy handling High printing accuracy Simple printer setting Colour: Transparent

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